Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime

Working out with someone else has many benefits. My clients who have a supportive partner to exercise with seem to stay more consistent, get better results and really just enjoy exercise more.

Knowing someone is waiting for you at the gym makes it way more likely that you will show up. Knowing that someone is standing on the corner waiting to meet you for a walk or run will force you out of your warm bed and cozy pj’s to get out there and move!

When you do meet that person to exercise you are not likely to be the one who slacks and doesn’t do all their reps. You are not likely to walk too slow and hold up your partner. It’s always a good push to be with someone else when you are having one of those lazy, unmotivated days. And we have ALL had those days!

For all those busy people out there working out with someone else is also a great way to get in some social time while getting exercise in. Kill two birds with one stone!  I have signed up for races for the sole reason to spend time with a dear friend of mine. I knew we would do our long runs together so it would guarantee me an uninterrupted hour or so together a week.  I love it when my kids agree to bike, play tennis or walk with me. It’s such a great way to get some one on one time together AND burn calories AND set a good example.

Whatever your needs are finding that person to be your partner in crime is key to your success. It will hold you accountable, get you motivated and you will definitely have more fun. Grab your husband, wife, friend, kids, neighbor or whoever you can find and get out there and MOVE!

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